Personalized Photo Fridge Magnet (3×3 inch) -Set of 5

Personalized Photo Fridge Magnet (3×3 inch) -Set of 5

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Size 3 x 3 Inch
Colour Multi Colour
Material Acrylic
Brand Deep Print
Shape Square

About this item

  • This very smart photo magnet is personalised with your picture and a small caption. Stick your favorite holidays, memories or occasions to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces !
  • Size: Square 3X 3 inch
  • Self Magnetised » Personalised with text and picture
  • Thickness: 4 mm approx
  • Esey to Wash


Custom Photo Magnets : Transform your photos into magnets and use them as fun, ornamental, or informational pieces. Readily available in Acrylic, our custom photo magnets high quality. DISPLAY : Think of your fridge as a mini art gallery. Take some of your existing fridge artwork or boring doors of your refrigerator and turn them into custom photo collages. Arrange your photo magnets or utilise them to hang more artwork! ORGANIZE: Create magnets from photos to add flair and organise them in any way you choose. Exhibit a message centre, in/outboards, project lists, and more with colourfully personalized photo magnets that use your photos and words. PROMOTE: Use custom magnets to notice your message out to the masses. Custom magnets aren’t just for photos only. You can upload your business logo, card, or ad promotion for a custom piece that does your advertising for you! SHARE: Don’t keep your talent to yourself. Create magnets from photos of near and dear to loved ones in Sqaure, Round and heart shapes ! Photo magnets are a fabulous way to share your choicest pictures with people who have limited wall space.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .4 cm


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